Mazanga's Snipers

Hello again, this is another facet of the mazanga man. 

These are my sniper pages, here I give to u my collection of knowledge. The skill.... well, u will need to work on that all by your self's. Once again, I have served in the IDF for 20+ years in various qualifications and skill levels. During my many years of service in a special unit of the combat engineers, i was involved in many aspects of firearms, ballistics, explosives and demolition. To name a few fortes among a repertoire of aquatic and dynamic entry skills.

Today I am 100% disabled and retired.


I guess, there should be a disclaimer that says a ton of really scary legal stuff that no one even reads. Well I would rather just say "don't try any of what you see here at home, it is very dangerous". This information is not meant for any one under the age of consent. That is in the country they currently live in. No paper targets or trees were harmed in the making of this small brain exercise. Thank you once again and enjoy.

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