Versatile - Sturdy - Light - Fast! 

Harris Bipods clamp to any Quick Detachable Stud. They have strong recoil springs to prevent damage to the stock and maintain point of impact. Legs are adjustable for height. They are manufactured with heat treated steel and hard alloys with a black anodized finish.

Features and other information

The bipods are quick detachable and clamp to the Q.D. stud of any rifle, we offer adapters for those rifles that do not have a factory installed Q.D. studs.
Carrying with a sling or shooting off-hand is not impeded by the Bipod.

Model L: The world's largest selling bipod, compact and light. Adjustable height from 9" to 13" Weight 11 oz.

Model LM: A new version of the original Leg Notch Bipod. The legs eject by spring action. Seven height settings from 9" to 13" Weight 11 oz.

Series "S":Rotates to either side for instant leveling on uneven ground. Hinged base has tension adjustment and buffer springs to eliminate tremor or looseness. They are otherwise similar to non-rotating Series. Available for both L and LM series.

Model L: Pull the legs to the desired extension and tighten knob to desire height.

Model LM - The legs eject by spring action. Seven height settings.


No. 4 Universal Adapter - Requires two inches of unclutered barrel for mounting. Fit barrels from .550 diameter to .812
No. 5 Stud - Fits Colt AR-15/M16 without alteration. Detachable Swivel Included

No. 6 Stud - For European Size Rails (3/8" across rail slot)

No. 6A Stud - For Rails (5/16" across rail slot)

No. 7A Spacer - Rubber spacer may allow mounting of Bipods on thin fore-ends, reversible to change angle of Bipod

No. 8 Stud - For Remington XP100 plastic stocks. For models BR, L, LM, & BRM Bipods. (Requires drilling)

No. 9 Adapter - Allows mounting of any Harris Bipod on flat bottom stocks

No. 14 Bipod Adapter - For Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 standard and ranch rifles

No. 2 Flange Nut - Allows mounting of stud on hollow plastic fore-ends

No. 2R Flange Nut - Has radiused flange for mounting to wood fore-ends under magazines or gas tubes

No. 2A - 5/8" round head flange nut, works well on Ruger M77, RP and MK II plastic stock


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